Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Style Icon: Emma Stone "Irrational Man" Premiere-inspired Manicure

I am a very big fan of Emma Stone, and she definitely has a very interesting style that sets her apart from many of her contemporaries. She and her stylist aren't afraid to play around, and try something different and take risks, so I look forward to seeing what she's going to wear at every event she attends. Last week, at the premiere of her latest film, Irrational Man, she wore a beautiful Giambattista Valli dress, but what really made her stand out, were the little pops of color both on the dress, with her accessories, and her makeup. Overall, it's a great look, and it inspired today's manicure.

 The complete look.

This dress was all about the texture, but what was really interesting were the little yellow floral pieces that adorned the neckline. It was something I didn't notice immediately until I looked a little closer, but I liked the use of color. 

To get the effect, I used There's Snow One Like You by China Glaze. As you can see, this is one from their Texture line. I believe it came out during the holiday season a couple years ago. It features some fine grit with white opaque glitter. It's a neat little polish, but beware: the formula for this is very watery. I actually prepped for this manicure by putting on a coat white first, then a layer of this, because I don't think it quite build to full opacity. In any case,  when using it, use thins layers as it tends to go everywhere, and floods the cuticles easily. I only used one coat for this manicure.

For my pop of yellow, I went with a neon polish. This one is Glowstick by Orly. I absolutely love this color, but the problem with neons is that they are too sheer, I do own Yellow Polka Dot Bikini by China Glaze, which is pretty much a dupe of this. However, the Orly formula is much much better, and I have less problems with it. This picture made it come out a little greener than it is, but as it was raining again today, I was losing any decent light to capture this. It leans a little more yellow, which you'll see in the finished manicure.

The next pop of color was an aqua blue. Emma carried an aqua clutch, but the most surprising use of the color was in her makeup. The eyeliner was a bold choice, but I think it was just what was needed to give the look and fun and youthful appearance.

If anything, this use of color made me realize that i need to hit the store to find the perfect shade to match it! I do have a pearly version of this color. The closest thing in my stash that I could find in a creme was a color called Brisk Blue by Sally Hansen. This color had a great formula, and was easy to work with. I really liked it. However, make sure you're wearing a base coat with this (make sure you always wear base coat anyway), because, like most blues, this one stains. I used one coat for this manicure.

And here is the finished product. What I did was put on a bottom coat of white, then I used scotch tape for my ring finger and thumb. I carefully added the textured polish to those fingers, and did full coverage on the others. With a dotting tool I dotted the yellow onto any flecks of white glitter, which gave it a more random look, like the dress itself. And that's it for my first celeb-inspired manicure! This was fun thinking of a way to incorporate one of Emma's looks into nail art, so I'm sure to do something like this again!

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