Friday, August 21, 2015

China Glaze Fall 2015 The Great Outdoors Review & Comparisons

Hey hey hey!

Today, I have the newest Fall collection from China Glaze! It's a really nice collection full of many lovely shades for the season. It's a whopping 12 color collection, and I loved so many of these, and I think you will, too.

Let's get started!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Mermaid Nails

Hello beauties!

This is a quick post since I am taking a break from swatching. I just finished up the newest Fall offering from China Glaze called The Great Outdoors, and that should be up soon. This weekend, I'll be tackling the 15 polishes of the new OPI Venice Collection. For now, I'm trying out my new stamping plates that I ordered a few weeks ago. It's been like Christmas around here getting all the new polishes and new plates, and I'm getting excited about trying out all my new goodies and posting my faves here.

Today, I have a mermaid manicure using my brand new mermaid scales stamping plate from Aiyoohehe. Not much to this mani. It's really easy to do!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Essie Fall 2015 Collection Leggy Legend Review & Comparisons

Hello beauties!

I'm slowly but surely making my way through my new fall collection haul. I'm new to this, so it's taking me some time to get through the swatching and learning about the wonderful world of lighting while taking pictures. I'm learning a lot, and I think I'm improving so yay!

Okay, so today, I have Essie's newest fall collection called Leggy Legend, and I love it! The collection was inspired by 70's rock, as you'll see from the names of the polishes. It's a diverse collection with some great colors. So, let's get started!

Friday, August 14, 2015

China Glaze Halloween 2015 Ghoul's Night Out Collection Review and Comparisons

Hello beauties!

First of all, I am happy to report that I had a great time at Flashback Weekend, and my Michael Myers nails were a big hit. That manicure also held up remarkably well as it had been a whole week, and not one chip appeared, and I had very light tip wear from typing.So yay for new top coat! I actually had to say goodbye, and remove it even though it still looked great so I could dive into my new polishes. I was sad to see it go.

Anyhow, I am really excited because I just got in my new Fall collections haul. I have a ton of swatches for you that I'm currently working on. Of course, I love Halloween, so I wanted to start out with the latest offering from China Glaze. This is called Ghoul's Night Out, and as you can see, it's the traditional Halloween colors. They decided to go back to basics here, but I think it's a pretty good collection, and I like it. By the way, this is my first time swatching and using my DIY lightbox, so here we go!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Michael Myers Halloween Manicure

Hello beauties! Today I have a manicure inspired by John Carpenter's horror classic, Halloween. This happens to be my favorite movie, maybe of all time! Halloween is a my favorite time of year, so I watch a ton of horror films. This one in particular is near and dear to my heart. This weekend, I will be attending the Flashback Weekend Horror Convention, and this year's theme is Halloween so many of the guests are cast members from the various movies throughout the years. To pay tribute to this iconic film, I made a manicure that is inspired by Michael Myers.

Check it out!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pretty Pansy Manicure

Hello beauties! 
I have been pretty busy trying to squeeze in as much summer fun in before those leaves start turning brown, and my favorite season is back! Actually, this weekend, I'm kicking off my Halloween season by going to the Flashback Weekend Horror Convention which is always a blast. I'm in the middle of trying to work out a manicure since this year's theme is John Carpenter's Halloween. Those are my absolute favorite movies, so I'm really excited! 

Anyway, for today's manicure, I was inspired by my newest hobby, which is gardening. I've never had a knack for plants and flowers, and would kill even the hardiest flower, but since this year I finally have some outdoor space at my disposal, I decided to try my hand at it one more time. My favorite flowers have always been pansies, so I've been learning how to grow them by trial and error. I've only killed half of them, so I think that's a big improvement from my 100% plant mortality rate! Next year, I think I should be able to get that down even further since I think I have the hang of it now. In any case, I love these flowers so much that I wanted to design a manicure that would just pop with all of the colors you find in this type of plant.