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China Glaze Fall 2015 The Great Outdoors Review & Comparisons

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Today, I have the newest Fall collection from China Glaze! It's a really nice collection full of many lovely shades for the season. It's a whopping 12 color collection, and I loved so many of these, and I think you will, too.

Let's get started!

Change Your Altitude  is a light grey creme. My friend called it a "greige," and I suppose that is accurate. It's definitely at the warmer end of the spectrum. I was not sure if I'd like this one, because I usually don't go for this type of color, but I was pleasantly surprised how good it looked on the nail. It was one of the first of the collection that I swatched, and I was sad to take it off. The formula is a little runny, but it was actually opaque in one coat! I used two here, however, just for good measure.

My Lodge or Yours? I loved loved loved this polish! It is a light dusty mauve shade. I loved this formula. It was easy to apply, opaque in one coat, and just gorgeous on the nail. Again, I did use two coats here, but I could've easily used just the one.

S'more Fun is a muted yellow green creme. Not so sure what this has to do with S'mores at all, and it doesn't exactly scream Fall to me, but it is a lovely polish. I'd probably wear it in the Spring, but it could be a nice base for nail art I think. Formula was nice. A little sheer on the first coat, but opaque by the second.

Take a Hike is the quintessential green one would expect to see in a Fall collection. This is a deep, dark green creme. This was a thick formula, again, another one coater for me. I liked the formula because it was not runny at all, and it was a piece of cake to apply.

Free Bear Hugs is an oxblood creme. Again, the typical color one would expect for Fall. You'll have to excuse the next picture. I was falling asleep at this point, and didn't realize it was so blurry until much later. Anywho, I wasn't a big fan of this one. The application was so streaky for me even after two coats, and it was a stainer. I used three here. Very pretty color, however. 

I was pretty sure that I had a color close to this, so I went to check my sticks. Not only did I have a similar color, but I have a dead-on dupe in I Sing in Color  by OPI. If you have it, you can skip this color. If you missed it, well, here's your chance to find the color again. 

This next one...I really wanted to like this one, but eh. This one is called Sleeping Under the Stars, and it's a blurple creme with pink shimmer. First of all, the formula is a dream. It went on on nice and thick. I only needed one coat. In the bottle, the shimmer is more pronounced, but when I wore it, it looked pretty solid. I had to shine a light to even see the shimmer, which is gorgeous, but I really had to work for it. I had high hopes for this one, but it was a miss for me. I really struggled trying to capture the shimmer just for the pictures, but it is a very nice color nonetheless.

With flash:

Check Out the Silver Fox is a silver foil, and I was sure that I had a few more polishes like this because it seems like so many collections are now including a polish like this, but this is actually a little bit warmer than my other silvers. I definitely do not have a dupe of this, surprisingly. This was a very nice formula, and as you can see, no brush strokes here. Very easy to apply. I used two coats, but it was actually opaque in one.

Here is one I didn't expect to like as much as I did. This one is Wood You Wanna?  As you can see from the picture, it is nowhere near the shade of what you see in the bottle. It looked a lot less saturated with color, but on the nail, it was a nice warm, chocolaty foil. I really loved the way this looked. Very nice formula. Two coats for the photo.

And here come the duochromes! This collection had three of these types of polishes. First up, is Cabin Fever. This one is a gorgeous shade that flashes pink and a toasty orange. This one was my favorite of the duochromes. There were no tricks to capturing the different colors here since the duochrome effect was easily visible. It is just perfect for Fall. The formula was easy enough to work with. It was a little sheer on the first coat, but was opaque in two.

Next up, we have Pondering which is a duochrome that flashes blue, green, and purple. The duochrome effect was visible, It's not nearly as much as Cabin Fever. Still, it was very nice to work with. Opaque in two coats. For this one, I did have to play around with the lighting and use flash so you could see the different shades.

Last of the duochromes, and my least favorite, Gone Glamping. This one had flashes of green, gold, and a little brown. First of all, the formula was so sheer and runny. It took three coats, and I probably could've done another, but four coats is excessive. I have a few bubbles, even though I waited for a while for my nails to dry. Then when it came to photographing these, it was such a pain to get the different shades to show up. I have to say, it's my least favorite of the entire collection. The duochrome effect wasn't nearly as noticeable on the nail as the others. It was just not doing it for me.

Upon looking at the bottle, it seemed like it was pretty similar to Just Spotted the Lizard  by OPI, so I went ahead and did the comparison. In certain light, it's very hard to tell the difference, and in others, it's glaringly obvious. Just Spotted the Lizard seemed to have a more golden hue to it, and I think the formula was much nicer. No bald spots from dragging, It was nice and even. No bubbles.

Finally, we have the single glitter polish of the collection. This is Let's Dew It, and it is densely packed with indigo, silver, and grey glitter with smaller blue and purple microglitter. It's so pretty! I did see it layered over black polish, which I have not tried yet, but I will soon! It's so sparkly and to die for. Love it!

Well, that's it for the entire Great Outdoors Collection. Overall, I liked it, and the formulas were just so great! So many one coater possibilities. Most of these were really great, and looked fantastic on the nail. I really liked the variety of colors here. It's so easy to fill a collection with go-to Fall colors, but China Glaze brought out a few really nice muted variations of colors one might normally see in other seasons. So that's it for my CG haul. Coming soon is the last of my Fall collections: OPI Venice. I will be working on that over the weekend, so expect to see that post next week.

Stay tuned!

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