Thursday, August 20, 2015

Mermaid Nails

Hello beauties!

This is a quick post since I am taking a break from swatching. I just finished up the newest Fall offering from China Glaze called The Great Outdoors, and that should be up soon. This weekend, I'll be tackling the 15 polishes of the new OPI Venice Collection. For now, I'm trying out my new stamping plates that I ordered a few weeks ago. It's been like Christmas around here getting all the new polishes and new plates, and I'm getting excited about trying out all my new goodies and posting my faves here.

Today, I have a mermaid manicure using my brand new mermaid scales stamping plate from Aiyoohehe. Not much to this mani. It's really easy to do!

The first color I used was Iceberg Lotus from Nicole by OPI. This is a beautiful color which goes from flashes of green to purple. It has a ton of shimmer, and looks amazing on the nail. The formula had an easy application, but this takes a little longer to dry for me than normal. Some polishes like this often take a while to dry, and may have a tacky finish. This was a little bit of a sheer polish. Even after two coats, I could still see my nail line. Since I was doing a gradient, I didn't bother using more than two coats, however, since I was going to cover it with my other colors.

For my accent nail, I used a glitter polish that has a bit of a sheer base so to remedy that, I layered it over  a dark blue base. For that, I used Unfor-greta-bly Blue by OPI. Great formula, and beautiful color. I will have to try to wear this sometime without covering it up, because it is so pretty! 

The glitter polish I used on my accent nail was a little beauty I've been dying to use since I found it last year! It's called Mermaid's Tale  by Sally Hansen, it's a gorgeous polish with aqua and green hex glitter and blue micro glitter in a black jelly base.  The base is a little sheer, and I wasn't keen on doing several coats that might take a long time to dry, so I layered it, and I actually think layering it over a darker polish really makes the glitter stand out. What I like about this polish is that the glitter matched all of the different colors I used in the manicure so it ties in perfectly as the accent nail.

For the rest of the nails, I went for a shimmery gradient look which gave me a chance to try out some more of my mermaid colors. For the transitional blue color in the middle of the nail bed, I used The Sky's My Limit  by OPI. This is an aqua blue polish with some blue and green glass fleck shimmer. I can't speak to the formula exactly as I only sponged this one, but it looks beautiful, and if I can remember from the swatch stick, it was pretty easy to work with.

For the last color, the darkest color in the gradient seen on the free edge, I used Remy by Zoya. This is a deep blue polish with green, blue, and gold glass flecks. It is just stunning on its own, and I have worn this before. The formula is really nice, and easy to work with.

For the stamping color, I used my old fave, Silver Sweep from Sally Hansen. The plate I used for the scales is from Aiyoohehe, and this is my first time using one of their plates. I ordered several nerdy themed plates from them. They have a great series of Harry Potter and Marvel's The Avengers plates. I bought the Hogwarts houses and the Captain America offerings, and will probably go back for more! This is plate 005 and it retails for only $2! The prices at Aiyoohehe are very reasonable, and the plates seem to be really good quality, so check them out. You can either buy them in sets or individually. 

The finished product:

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