Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pretty Pansy Manicure

Hello beauties! 
I have been pretty busy trying to squeeze in as much summer fun in before those leaves start turning brown, and my favorite season is back! Actually, this weekend, I'm kicking off my Halloween season by going to the Flashback Weekend Horror Convention which is always a blast. I'm in the middle of trying to work out a manicure since this year's theme is John Carpenter's Halloween. Those are my absolute favorite movies, so I'm really excited! 

Anyway, for today's manicure, I was inspired by my newest hobby, which is gardening. I've never had a knack for plants and flowers, and would kill even the hardiest flower, but since this year I finally have some outdoor space at my disposal, I decided to try my hand at it one more time. My favorite flowers have always been pansies, so I've been learning how to grow them by trial and error. I've only killed half of them, so I think that's a big improvement from my 100% plant mortality rate! Next year, I think I should be able to get that down even further since I think I have the hang of it now. In any case, I love these flowers so much that I wanted to design a manicure that would just pop with all of the colors you find in this type of plant. 

Looking around at some different nail art blogs, I've been seeing a lot of artists using acrylic paint to do their artwork. I've never used them before, and have stuck to strictly nail polish, but I figured since I had some tubes of paint lying around, I should give it a go. Using acrylic pant is kind of nice because it doesn't dry as fast as nail polish does when you're working with it, it's cheap, and if you don't have the color you want, you can just make it right there on the spot as was the case with the pansies in this manicure. 

Here is the manicure in the sunlight.  I love the color purple, so I wanted to incorporate various shades here. All I used to make the flowers were two different size dotting tools, and a small detail brush. Not bad for my first time using acrylic paint.

Here is what it looks like in shade.

My main color that I used was Pop Art Purple by Finger Paints. This was such an interesting color, because I was actually able to capture what it looks like accurately, which is hard to do with lots of purples, but as you can see, it looks so different in different lights. I love this color. It just pops, and it's really beautiful. My big gripe though, is because it's a neon, it tends to be very sheer, so I layered this over Sally Hansen's White On, which is my go-to white polish. If you look on my nail stick, that is what Pop Art looks like with five coats, and nothing underneath. On my nail, I used two coats of white (when will I find a one coat white???) and three coats of Pop Art Purple on top. This also made it more like the shade you see in the bottle, so I suggest layering it over white. Now, I know that's not super ideal, since it takes longer to do all these layers, and wait for them to dry, but it is what it is, and I think it looks great. I was pretty careful about it, and didn't have any bubbling, so for me, I'll deal with the added layering since I absolutely love how it looks. It's not for everyone. Oh, also, I should tell you that it dries matte, so I definitely used a top coat here. By the way, I'm trying out a new top coat here. This one is Out the Door by INM. I have been using AirDry by CND previously, which is nice, but I'm in the process of trying out different top coats since I've decided to kick Seche Vite to the curb. 

Here's the most accurate picture of the color. It is gorgeous!

At night, when I was indoors, I noticed that the color looked completely different, and much darker, so I just grabbed my iPad to snap a quick pic to show you the variation of it in yet another different light. Sorry for the crappy quality, but this was exactly what it looked like in indoor lighting. It's so much darker, and leans much more purple than pink. Still looks nice I think.

On the accent nail. the polish I used is called Vintage Violet and it's by Ulta. I have a little stash of Ulta polishes because they're on sale a lot, and I have to say, I've really liked the ones I've tried so far. They're really not bad formula-wise, they have a decent selection (one of my all-time favorite glitter polishes Boogie Nights comes from their line), and they're often BOGO. So, if you are thinking about trying them, go ahead and give 'em a shot. This polish had a pretty good formula to work with. It was a little sheer on the first coat, but was fully opaque on the second. As you can see from the swatch, it dries just a hair darker on the nail, but it't a beautiful color.

One last shot of my pansies in the sunlight. 

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