Tuesday, September 15, 2015

OPI Fall 2015 Venice Collection Review & Comparison

Hello beauties! I have been so bad these days with keeping up with the swatches. I had these ready last month, but go so swept up in the The 31 Day Bail Art Challenge, that I haven't had the time to post these. Bad Bee! Anyway, I have been using a few of these in the challenge, and I really love so many of these colors, so here we go! 

First up is A Great Opera-tunity. This is a nice muted melon creme for Fall. At first, I wasn't sure if this was a good color for the season. Melon makes me think of Summer, but I think it's muted enough that it works. It's light, but not bright. This was opaque in two coats and had a lovely formula.

Be There in a Prosecco is a light beige cream. Not a color I would normally wear, but it was pretty on the nail. The application was a little patchy for me. It took 3 coats to even it out. 

This next one is one of my faves of the collection. This is I Cannoli Wear OPI. This is a white creme that has just a hint of grey to it. It's just barely noticeable, but it helps tone it down from being a stark white. I really loved the formula on this one. Two coats were used here.

When I saw this in the bottle, I immediately wondered if it were similar to My Boyfriend Scales Walls, so naturally, I had to see what these two look like side by side. In person, it's pretty difficult to tell, but once you get them under the lights and close up, you can see that they are not dupes.

Tiramisu For Two is a warmer, neutral creme. I love how this looks, and think it's fabulous for a nail art base or alone. It was streaky on the first coat, but I was able to even it out beautifully on the second. 

This next one was a bit of a surprise for me. This is Worth a Pretty Penne. I didn't like it right off the bat when I saw it, and I was just not interested in it. If I weren't trying to get the whole collection, I would've passed on this one, BUT I'm so glad I have it in my collection, because it looks so beautiful and shimmery. It had a great formula, and I love it! I dry-brushed this on my koi manicure, and it just sparkled. This is definitely one of my faves.

Not really sure how autumnal this next one is, but it's awfully pretty. This is Gelato My Mind. It's a minty green with a hint of blue. This was streaky on the first coat, but evened out by the second.

Ahhh, nothing says Spring like...wait! It's not Spring. Here is yet another non-Fall color in the collection. but hey—I'm not complaining. This one is Purple Palazzo Pants, and it's a lovely light purple creme. This one had a great formula. I was opaque in just one coat.

Next up, is Amore at the Grand Canal. This is a beautiful red creme. This had a very nice formula. Opaque in 2 coats.

Of course, when there's a red in a collection, it's very likely to have a twin. I think I found one in Essie's Dress to Kilt. I honestly couldn't see a difference in these two shades.

Who doesn't love red? Here's another offering from this collection. Gimme a Lido Kiss is a gorgeous bright red with fine flecks to give it some shimmer and shine.. This one was a bit sheer for me. I did 3 coats here, but I could still see the nail line just a little.

With flash

Check it out! A Fall color in the collection. I kid, I kid. This is It's a Piazza Cake and it is a burnt orange creme. It had an easy application. Nice formula. It was opaque in 2 coats.

 Next, we have My Gondola or Yours?  This is a charcoal black with a hint of shimmer. It's really lovely on the nail, and it was opaque in 2 coats.

With flash

Finally, we have O Suzi Mio which is a deep dark purple. The formula for this one is great, but mine smelled terrible. It certain light, it actually looks black at times. This was opaque in 2 coats.

So that about does it for the standard Venice Collection. In the next post, I will be reviewing the special limited edition colors that are part of this new collection from OPI. Overall, I love the formulas for these. My favorites are Worth a Pretty Penne, I Cannoli Wear OPI, and A Great Opera-tunity. These are already out in stores so go out, and pick up your favorite shade. 

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