Sunday, October 4, 2015

Dia de los Muertos Nails

Hello beauties! For today's manicure, I decided to do another reverse stamping look. You'll notice that my nails are much shorter now. After the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge, I had planned on filing them down just a bit as they were getting too long for me, which I did, but then one of my evil puppies decided to be wild, and ripped off one of my free-edges on my swatching hand. He'd actually broken two of my nails on my Cindy hand the weeks previous, but I was able to salvage those so I wouldn't have to cut every nail down to the nubbins, but this last one was not so lucky. 

Anyway, after I spent the entire day grumbling over that, I decided to get back up, and attempt some manicures befitting the season. Now, as a newbie to stamping, I only own one small, cheapy stamper, so this took me hours and hours. I actually had to go to sleep, and keep working on it the next day. It's not a particularly difficult process. It's just that you have to wait for each step to dry. If you'd like to learn more about reverse stamping, or stamping in general, please take a look at Lacquered Lawyer's quick tutorial here

You'll notice, I used the new polishes from China Glaze's Ghoul's Night Out collection. I love the colors, and I can't wait to utilize them for the Halloween season. This is actually not a Halloween design, but El Dia de Los Muertos does happen during this season, so I wanted to do this design. I would love to try this again with longer nails. I've already ordered my stampers and a stamping mat from UberChic that will help me speed up the process! I have a whole lot of new polishes and stamping plates coming in the mail, and I cannot wait for my nail mail to start showing up.

The products I used for this manicure were:

China Glaze - Lady and the Vamp for orange roses.
China Glaze - Drink Up, Wittches for green nail.
China Glaze - Looking Bootiful for purple nail.
China Glaze - White on White for skulls.
Essie - Style Hunter for roses.
Sinful Colors - Black on Black for base color and stamping.
Born Pretty - Stamping plate BPL-024 for roses.
Bundle Monster - Stamping plate BM-413 for sugar skulls.

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