Saturday, October 17, 2015

Hallowmanis - Day 5: Jason Voorhees at Crystal Lake

Hello! For today's Hallowmanis prompt, we have glitter nails. I just got a new haul of gorgeous glitter polishes. One of which came from the indie brand, Pretty Serious. They have a great collection called "Killer Fangirls" which features polishes inspired by some great horror classics. I have two of the three, and the last one is finally on its way, so when it gets here, I will do a full review of these stunning polishes. 

The first one you'll be seeing here is called Crystal Lake, inspired by Friday the 13th's famous locale, Camp Crystal Lake. I just love this polish, and knew I had to use it for one of the challenges. I have two versions: one without the lake, and one with. I did the Jason mask first since it would be easiest, and show off the polish itself. Also, this was just in case I ruined the mani once I added the trees and lake landscape. 

For this manicure, I used the following:

Pretty Serious - Crystal Lake for the base color.
Liquitex - acrylic paint in Mars Black
Liquitex - acrylic paint in Titanium White
Liquitex - acrylic paint in Cadmium Red

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