Friday, October 16, 2015

OPI Starlight Holiday 2015 Collection Review: Bee on a Budget Edition

Aloha, my beautiful people! Hope you're all well. I have a ton of new polishes that just came in, and I'm so excited to swatch them, and show you all the new goodies. I know it's only October, but those holiday collections are starting to make their way out, and I love some of the collections coming our way. Today, I have some selections from the OPI Starlight Collection. 

Now, this collection has 18 new shades, but I am showing off only 10. As I do purchase all of the polish myself, I opted not to get the entire collection this time. That's why we're gonna call this the "Bee on a Budget Edition," because I, like many of you, don't want to waste good money on something I'm not going to absolutely love, or know right off the bat that I'm going to hate. Sometimes, I will be able to get an entire collection, and other times, like now, I might opt to skip a few if there are a significant number of polishes I don't want to waste my time and money on. After careful consideration, I chose these particular colors because I thought they'd look great, and I knew I absolutely would not have anything like them in my collection. Happy to say that there were no dupes for these, so they were all new colors for moi, which made me a happy Bee!

Okay, let's get to it!

First, here are the 8 colors that I did skip, and why:

 Love is in My Cards - A classic red. Got enough of those. They're what OPI does best, and chances are, you've got one, too.

 Guys & Galaxies - Oxblood. I have a ton of these, and very few have good formulas.

 Two Wrongs Don't Make a Meteorite - Not really feeling these leftover glitter pieces. The colors are interesting, but the odd shapes were not really calling my name here.

 Is This Star Taken? - Holo bar glitter in opaque polish? Pass. When I saw the pictures, and description for this one, I got excited, but early swatchers seemed to agree that this polish was a massive disappointment. 

 By the Light of the Moon - A silver version of the lumpy, ugly Baroque..but Still Shopping. No thanks. It didn't work last time. It's not going to work this time. This glitter in opaque metallic polish thing needs to go away if it can't be done well. I have yet to see a nice swatch of these types. 

I Drive a Super Nova - A silver polish. Again, I have just a ton of these. Silver polishes seem to be in almost every collection these days, and very few are new takes on the same old shade.
 No More Mr. Night Sky - This one was more of a personal preference than anything. I do like charcoal shimmers, but I have many of these already, and I don't like them that  much to warrant getting more unless they're doing something a little different.
Infrared-y to Go - Same as the other glitter mentioned above. They're the same shapes, just different colors.

Now let's take a look at the colors I did buy, and see how they fared when I did my swatches!

First up is Ro-Man-ce on the Moon. This is a shimmery metallic red. It is so gorgeous. It's a bright, candy apple red, and it looks like it's practically glowing while being packed with lots of sparkle for the holiday season. I wasn't able to capture just how yummy this one looks, but for a shimmery red that we've likely seen before, this one is my favorite I've ever had. I really could not stop looking at my nails when I wore this one. The formula is so dreamy. It could possibly be a one coater, but I used two here. I just wanted to eat it. *heart eyes*

Let Your Love Shine  is a cranberry shade with gold and red shimmer. It's pretty standard fare for the holiday season. This one was a very nice and easy formula to work with, and it's a possible one coater though I used two here. The shimmer factor is this is really lovely. 

I'm In the Moon For Love is a dusty purple with pink shimmer. I kept thinking that I might have something like this because I am a purple polish monster, and I gobble up all the purples! It's my favorite color. I was happy to find that I did not have this or really anything similar. I love love love this color. This had a great formula. I used two coats here.

Press * For Silver is a metallic rose-silver shimmer. I wanted to like this. Really really  wanted to because it looked like it could be this collection's version of Worth a Pretty Penne which I loved, and I have found a new love of these kinds of polishes. I love the sparkle, but this one fell flat to me. It was just meh. The first coat was sheer and streaky. The formula is kind of runny, so be careful not to flood your cuticles with this one. It's super frosty and the brushstrokes are like WHOA! It was opaque in two coats, but I just was not a fan. However, out of all the polishes I got from this collection, this was the one and only dud.

Comet Closer  is a white gold metallic shimmer. This one was easy to work with. It has the potential to be a one coater, but I used two here. It has a little bit of a satin/textured finish to it, but it has lots of sparkle.

Center of the You-niverse is a black/dark charcoal shimmer with fine glitter. I don't have a nice shimmery black so when I saw this, I was pretty excited. A lot of sparkly black polishes tend to flash more silvery depending on the glitter used, but this one has black and gun metal glitter, and fine silver micro glitter to tone down that silvery factor while still giving it loads of sparkle. The formula for this one was very easy to work with. I used two coats here.

Cosmo with a Twist  is definitely one of the standout polishes in this collection. This is a deep purple with blue shimmer, accompanied by pink and purple micro glitter. This one will definitely take 2-3 coats, but it is a lovely polish once you build it up. I've heard lots of comparisons with OPI INK, but let me assure you, that this is not even close to it. INK has a much lighter purple base, and isn't packed with the blue sparkly goodness of Cosmo. So don't skip this one just because you have INK. They are not dupes, or almost dupes. This one is a unique shade all its own.  

Give Me Space is going to be the polish that you're probably going to have go searching for because it'll be sold out wherever you go. This is something I haven't really seen from OPI in a while. This is a gorgeous royal blue scatter holo, and it is just so lovely and the formula is a dream to work with. This could possibly be a one coater, but I use two here. The holo effect is not super apparent, but in certain lights, you can see it there. It's packed with sparkle, and I love this one. So definitely pick up one of these if you're only going to get one or two from this collection.

Super Star Status is a beautiful mix of silver and light gold glitter. The base is made up of smaller silver glitter, and the larger glitter is a light toned gold. It's really beautiful. I don't have anything like this one, and unlike most of the glitter polishes in the collection, this is glitter done right. This is two coats.

Ce-Less-tial is More is a champagne/rose gold mixture of glitter that also includes a few specks of holo glitter for the perfect polish for the holidays. I love this one. This is the best of the glitter polishes in the collection by far. Definitely a must-have. This was two coats here in the photos.

And that's that for my OPI Starlight Collection picks. While I was not a fan of Press * for Silver, the rest of these were fantastic, and I am happy to be adding these babies to the stash. I can't speak to the collection as a whole, but I will say that 9 of the 18 seemed worth it to actually buy, and the other 9 were utterly unnecessary for me. Does that make this collection a success or a failure? I can't say. Where OPI gets it wrong, they really tanked, but where they get it right is just nothing short of stellar. So I would say with the exception of Press *, any one of these that I have swatched would be a great purchase that you won't regret.


  1. I bought give me space because it was the firts one that cought my attention, it is AMAZING I always stare at my nails xD I think I'll grab the cosmo with a twist wich is almost sister with give me space; guys and galaxies is almost the same as orly in "ruby" (wich I have) so I didn't buy it.
    Nice swatches girl!!! :D

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, Give Me Space is one that just looks even more spectacular in person! I think this collection was a little hit or miss, but that was definitely a hit. I think Cosmo with a Twist is like the cousin of OPI INK, but you definitely need both! :D I love shades like Guys & Galaxies, but I have way too many colors like it, so I had to pass.