Friday, October 30, 2015

Pretty Serious Cosmetics Killer Fangirls Collection Review & Nail Art

Hello beauties!

We are just one day away from Halloween, and sad to say, but my nails will be getting the chop in just a few minutes after I post this. I always end up sacrificing my nails each year to the Halloween gods while carving pumpkins! It sucks, but in the end, I have beautiful pumpkins, and I get to start fresh with my nails. They certainly need it, too after the swatching and nail art challenges of the past couple of months. I still have some swatching left to do, but they're smaller selections of some great brands I'm trying as I get into the indies for the very first time!

So, my first venture into the indie brands was with Pretty Serious Cosmetics' Killer Fangirls Collection. I couldn't resist this trio of beautiful glitter polishes inspired by the holy trinity of slasher flicks! This is a collection that was released in 2013, but it is still available on their website, and I wanted to feature them since it's Halloween time.

Enough of me babbling. Let's check 'em out!

Crystal Lake has a sheer blue jelly base packed with gorgeous cerulean micro glitter, royal blue glitter, and larger light blue holo glitter pieces. It is absolutely beautiful in person. The base is a little on the sheer side, so this took me 3 coats to get opaque. The formula seemed a little thick, but it was very easy to work with, and the glitter distribution was good. No tricks here. Just slap it on, and it's all good.

Macro shot of the glitter

Jason Voorhees Nail Art

Elm Street has an almost oxblood jelly base packed with red and green hex and bar glitter. This formula was great. Not too thick, easy to work with, and opaque in two coats. Very pretty.

Macro shot of the glitter

Freddy Krueger Nail Art (Tomorrow's Hallowmani. Shhh...)

Anyone who knows me, knows that I absolutely love the Halloween movie franchise more than any other horror franchise. I'm a big fan, so this next polish, Haddonfield, was a must-have. In fact, I had to wait to do this review until I got it in from Pretty Serious, since it was the only one sold out when I tried to get the collection. I was not disappointed. This is Halloween in a bottle! It's so pretty and sparkly, you could just wear this on it's own for a no-fuss Halloween mani. It is a orange jelly packed with orange glitter, a few larger holo glitter pieces, and solid black shards. The formula was the best of the trio, and easy to apply. It was opaque in two coats. I love it!

Macro shot of the glitter

 Michael Myers Nail Art

So there you have it. Overall, I really love this collection, and I absolutely recommend getting your hands on these. I'm so glad I finally took the plunge with the indie brands. I've since ordered a few more polishes from Pretty Serious, and will be sure to order more in the future. They do some amazing glitter polishes, quick shipping, and they have great customer service.

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