Monday, November 9, 2015

China Glaze Cheers Holiday 2015 Collection Review

Well hello, beauties! Today, I am very excited to bring you the newest holiday collection from China Glaze. First off, I cannot rave about this collection enough. Every one of these polishes has a fantastic formula. They were all easy to work with. They're all gorgeous. The glitters are fantastic, and China Glaze just knocked it out of the park with this one. This is the best of the mainstream holiday collections this year. This was money well spent. Highly recommend you check these out!

Okay, so without further ado, let's jump on in, and check it out!

First up, we have Peppermint to Be is a red shimmer. This one had a great formula. It was very easy to apply, and opaque in two coats.

Son of a Nutcracker is a deep coral shimmer. This one was difficult to photograph with my regular camera, but I was able to get a more true to color picture using my iPhone. This was a gorgeous, if not unconventional shade for the season. This was sheer on the first coat, and took 3 coats to get fully opaque. This is just really pretty, very glowy.

Mix and Mingle is a bright purple creme. I love love love purple polish (as you know) and this was no exception. This one had a really nice formula and I got it opaque in 2 coats. I'm just in love with this one. At first, I wasn't sure how this one fit into a holiday collection, but after wearing it, I don't even care if it fits. I've been needing a shade like this one.

Wine Down For What? is a deep dark red creme. I really liked this formula. It was just a touch streaky on the first coat, but it was easily opaque by the second.

Better Not Pout is a magenta metallic shimmer. This was one of my favorites in the collection. I love how it looks on the nail. This is a great shade. It just had a gorgeous glowy look to it, and it was opaque in just one coat!

Don't Get Elfed Up has a dark teal base with a lighter teal shimmers that has flashes of purple at certain angle. I wasn't really able to catch it on camera, but it is subtle in person. Still, it's a gorgeous shade. I really love it. I used 2 coats here.

I Soiree I Didn't Do It is a densely-packed aquamarine glitter in a sheer base. This one has loads of small and super fine green, blue and holo glitter. It's so pretty! I used two coats for the pictures below.

Bring On the Bubbly had gold hex glitter of various sizes in a clear base. Here, I have it over Wine Down For What? It has pretty decent coverage, and the large pieces did lay flay for me with no problem. I only used once coat for the photo below.

Break the Ice is a silver prismatic shard glitter in a clear base. Usually these types of polishes have a tendency to stick out, and the glitter does not lay flat, but I did not experience any problems with this one. Here, I have it over Mix and Mingle. Very pretty.

Brand Sparkin' New Year is a gorgeous polish with various sizes of purple and holo glitter in a purple jelly base. This had great coverage, and was chock-full of sparkle and dimension. I used two coats here.

Coal Hands, Warm Heart is one of my favorites of the glitters. Its a black jelly base featuring glitter of various sizes. It has blue, holo, and it looks sort of peachy/pinkish large holo hex glitters. It's definitely an interesting combination, but I like it. I used two coats here.

Finally, we have Ugly Sweater Party which is a deep pink jelly packed with rad and purple holo glitters of various sizes. It's pretty dense, and took two coats for full opacity. It's exactly the kind of holiday glitter mix you'd expect in this collection. It may have "ugly" in the name, but it's anything but.

Overall, I really love this collection. It's got a little bit of everything, and not one of them is a miss for me. There really is something for everyone here. I certainly like this better than OPI's Starlight offering. The more I think about that collection, the less impressed I am with it, but this one is a no-brainer. It's a great holiday collection, and you won't regret picking any of these up.

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