Friday, February 5, 2016

Zoya Matte Velvet 2015 Collection Review

Hello lovelies! Today is a post that I'd wanted to make before the holidays, but I just ran out of time. Now that things are settled down, I still wanted to review this collection. This is the newest collection of matte velvet shades from Zoya. As you can see, they chose a palette very similar to the previous matte velvet collection, but instead of going with darker colors, they went with some light shades this time around. I don't have the swatches for the older collection, but you can check them out here at one of my fave nail blogs, The Polishaholic. These are not dupes by any means, so in case you're thinking of skipping this because you got last year's collection, think again. You're definitely going to want to grab more than a few of these.

So let's get to it!

Amal is a beautiful red shade. I really loved the formula for this one. This is actually one coat for the photo below. For me, this is a must have.

Aspen is a bright white, and like most white polishes, it can be a little patchy at first, but I was able to get full opacity in two coats for the photo below. I love the little shimmer to it. It's really pretty.

Honor is a lush dark green shade that is a little more vibrant than last year's Veruschka. It's just such a lovely shade. Definitely a favorite of this collection. This is one coat for the photo. Just a note, this one stains like whoa, so be sure to wear a good base, maybe even two coats underneath.

Iris is a lovely purple with some shimmer to it. This is another great shade. The formula was a little patchy on the first coat, but came out nicely on the second.

Sue is a lovely champagne color. I love this nice neutral shade, especially with the shimmer. It was great for holiday manis. The formula was patchy on the first coat, but evened out on the second.

Yves is is a vibrant blue. This was the color that first got me to take notice of this collection. I absolutely had to have it. Formula wise, it was good. This is one coat, but I probably would do two for good measure. The coverage was great though, for the most part. Like Honor, this is a major stainer, so be aware of that.

Overall, I really enjoyed this collection. At first, I wasn't so interested in it since it seemed too similar to the last matte velvet collection that Zoya put out, but I've changed my tune. I have seen all of these with top coat, and wow! They really shimmer and shine, but even on their own, they're gorgeous. My favorites are Amal and Iris, though I do like every shade in this collection.

These polishes are still available in stores while supplies last, and are also still available on the Zoya website. So check them out!

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