Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Review: Scetch Pattern Nail Art Template Image Plate BPL-021

Hello beautiful people!

Today, I have another review from Born Pretty Store. This time, it is one of their fantastic stamping plates. I have used their plates for about a year, and have been continually impressed with the quality of these plates at their relatively affordable price. This item was no different. It has the quality that I have come to expect from Born Pretty Store!

This is the plate itself (Item: #20786). It features a series of silhouette images of dancing, romance, and family. With the various types of images, one can find lots of uses for this item. I know I will be using this plate often. It can be found for purchase here for about $2.99-5.99, depending on the current sale going on at BPS. Still, very affordable, and comparable with other brands, and the quality is outstanding.

Item #20786    BPL-021

With this plate, I did two different manicures. The first one is based on my favorite part of the ballet, The Nutcracker, which is "The Waltz of the Snowflakes." Going to see this ballet is an annual tradition for us, and with the season rapidly approaching, I thought I would make my first Christmas manicure with this plate.

Base color: OPI - Ro-Man-ce On the Moon
Glitter: China Glaze - Outer Edge
Stamping Polish: Born Pretty Store White
Snow accent: China Glaze - There's Snow One Like You
Ballerinas: Born Pretty Store - BPL-021
Christmas Tree: Winstonia - Have a Merry X'mas Plate

The second manicure I did was inspired by the upcoming movie La La Land featuring Ryan Gosling and my manicure muse, Emma Stone. I'm really excited about this movie, and it's getting a ton of Oscar buzz. I plan on seeing it as soon as it comes out!

Base color: Essie - Mint Candy Apple
Middle gradient: China Glaze - For Audrey
Deep gradient: OPI - Amazon, Amazoff
Acrylic paints used: Liquitex Basics in Mars Black and Titanium White
Stamping Polish: Born Pretty Store - Black
Palm Trees: MoYou - Tourist 12 Plate
Dancers: Born Pretty Store - BPL-021

Overall, I love this plate. The images are well defined and pick up well. I also like that it has no set theme, so there are any number of designs you can come up with using this plate. Definitely a great purchase.

Until next time!

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