Saturday, January 7, 2017

Review: Constellation and Zodiac Stamping Plates from Born Pretty Store!

Hello and Happy New Year to all of you! I hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday season. I have been spending lots of time with family during this season, and it's been so nice.

Today, I have a few stamping plates sent to me from Born Pretty Store to show you.

Last year, for my birthday, I did a couple of manicures with my astrological sign, and I only had one plate for that, so I had been looking to find more plates with zodiac signs so I can have more stamps to choose from. Plus, I could always do some cute birthday nails for anyone who wanted them. So, of course, I went to Born Pretty Store, and found a couple new plates with different designs. The links below each plate is where you can find them on the BPS website.

Constellations Design Image Plate Item# 33716 from Born Pretty Store 

Zodiac Design Image Plate BP-X10 Item# 29983

For the first design, I actually did weeks ago when we were in Sagittarius season, I combined the December birthstone (topaz) with the zodiac sign. I used stamps from both plates for this look. With holidays, I hadn't gotten around to doing a Capricorn design, but it's still Capricorn time until January 20th, so maybe I will have something up soon!

Base color: OPI - Venice the Party
Accent Nail: Finger Paints - Laugh My Art Off
Stamping Polish: OPI - Silver Canvas
Arrows: Zodiac Design Plate BP-X10
Bows: Constellations Design Image Plate Haranouta-13

For the second design, I wanted to get a little more use out of the Zodiac Design Plate #29983 because I really only used one stamp, and I was sure I could do something cool with the other images. I'm not really a princess-type of person, but I do love Las Vegas, so I did a poker design instead. It was a simple and quick design, and I love how it came out! I think I have found my new Vegas vacation mani for the next time I visit.

Base color: OPI - Alpine Snow
Black stamping polish: Born Pretty Store - Black
Red stamping polish: Bundlemonster - Quasar
Poker symbols: Zodiac Design Image Plate BP-X10
Queen of Hearts card: Moyou London - Tourist 12

I really liked both of these plates, especially the Zodiac Design Plate. The way it was laid out, it was very easy to pick up the designs, so I was happy with the spacing. With the Constellations plate, I had to be extra careful when trying to pick up the inner symbols, because they were so close together, and I would have to quickly clean up anything extra I picked up before I stamped it on my finger. It wasn't bad, but just know that going in when you're using that particular plate. Still, I really love that this plate had two different designs for each star sign. They're really cute!

Currently, these both retail at about $1.59 on sale, and $2.99 regularly. I would say, definitely pick these up if you're a fan of astrology, or want to do a little something extra for an upcoming birthday. 

And even if you don't snatch these up while they're on sale, you can always use my special 10% OFF code: MBDBW10 

Until next time!